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Aluminium plus Powder coated aluminium sheets and coils for construction, architecture and industry

AluCoating - The company

Founded by professionals with 25 years of experience in the metal surface treatment sector, Alucoating uses a modern continuous system for powder coating of aluminum coils and a flattening and cutting line in finished product formats. The Alucoating coil coating line includes the following treatment process:

- Smoothing by means of a 17-roller sextuple machine

- Surface cleaning of the belt by spray treatment with alkaline and acid products for the preparation of the belts for subsequent processing

- Conversion through chem coater with application of advanced no rinse and chromium free products (fluotitanation and fluozirconatura)

- Electrostatic applications of special powders particularly studied for the post-bending process

- Polymerization of the dust by irradiation

- Application f transparent or white / black UV resistant self-adhesive film to protect the painted surface during the subsequent processing and installation phases

The leveling and cutting line allows to perfectly level the painted strips and to cut the material into sheets of the desired length. All the products used are certified

Integrated quality, environment and safety policy

The production

A +, thanks to the surface preparation procedure, to the high thickness of the applied paint, its peculiar characteristics of elasticity and its perfect flatness, can be processed by bending, curving, profiling without any cracking of the paint layer, thus ensuring perfect resistance to normal aggressive agents.

A + is a laminate with extraordinary characteristics and suitable for any application: in construction in general, in facade cladding, in window frames, in the furniture and interior sector, in the automotive sector ...

The powder coating used for A + thanks to the absence of directionality in use allows to minimize waste. A + is completely recyclable both in the processing phase as regards waste and in the removal phase of the applications created, even after some time, without any disposal costs.

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A Plus

A + is a perfectly flat laminate with high mechanical characteristics, powder coated using paints a polyester resin base. The infinite range of colors and the possibility of customized finishes, allow to satisfy every need.

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Il nostro team

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Enrico Lorenzini

Painting line operator


Silver Saciri

Painting line operator


Stefano Rota

Commercial manager


Monica Quartiero

Back up office


Eraldo Pasta

Head of the painting line


Andrea Scotuzzi

Cutting and logistics


Giovanna Bassini

Administration manager


Maria Contrini

Laboratory and quality control


Luca Farina

Responsible for cutting


Technical features

Technical and delivery characteristics of A +

aluminum alloys used 1000-3000-5000
Forms of supply Coil or sheet metal
Standard sheet and strip width 1.000-1.250-1.500mm
Maximum sheet width 1.650mm
Maximum sheet length 6.000 mm; special measures on request
Sheet and strip thickness da 0,8mm a 2,5mm
Coating thickness 50-60 micron
Colors Unlimited
Surface finish glossy, semi-glossy, matte, metallized, marbled
Temporary protection polietilene UV resistant, thickness 70-80 micron
Visual aspect no defects at least 3m
Impact resistance no cracking at 20Nm
Crease resistance no cracking for 1T creases
Scrap recovery total without disposal
Sheet flatness perfectly flat sheet
Coupling perfect with extruded finish
Minimum quantities that can be supplied 200 linear meters for each thickness
Delivery time Maximum 2 working weeks


Registered office: Via F.lli Cairoli 2, Brescia (Bs)
Operational headquarters: Via Industriale, 37-39, 25030 Corzano (Brescia) - Italy

Tel: +39 030 9971697
Fax: +39 030 9971805

C.F. e P.IVA:03057920989
REA: BS501737